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Weapon (Wizard)

Battle rune Battle rune Mana1 Skill0 Hit10
Blazing crystal Blazing crystal Mana2 Skill4 Fire18
Branding stamp Branding stamp Mana3 Skill12 Hit20 Fire2o
Brass rod Brass rod Mana7 Skill22 Hit66
Ceremonial rod Caremonial rod Mana11 Skill38 Hit105 Soul15
Chili stick 1 Chili stick Mana1 Skill0 Fire12
Ember rune Ember rune Mana9 Skill36 Fire100
Energy discus Energy discus Mana9 Skill32 Energy94
Energy rune Energy rune Mana6 Skill19 Energy58
Fan Fan Mana6 Skill21 Ice61
Feathered stick Feathered stick Mana2 Skill3 Hit16
Fire bo Fire bo Mana14 Skill47 Hit40 Fire10-105
Fire discus Fire discuss Mana6 Skill18 Fire54
Fire rod Fire rod Mana8 Skill28 Fire82
Fire rune Fire rune Mana3 Skill10 Fire34
Flogging rune Flogging rune Mana6 Skill15 Hit48
Freezer rune Freezer rune Mana9 Skill29 Ice84
Glove of eternity Glove of eternity Mana17 Skill69 Hit25 Ice130 Soul40
Holy discus Holy discus Mana10 Skill37 Soul106
Ice crystal Ice crystal Mana3 Skill7 Ice26
Ice discus Ice discus Mana11 Skill40 Ice114
Ice rune Ice rune Mana4 Skill13 Ice42
Lightbringer Lightbringer Mana16 Skill59 Soul20 Fire30 Energy130
Lightning rune Lightning rune Mana7 Skill25 Energy74
Mad mages rod Mad mages rod Mana12 Skill42 Hit30 Ice125
Magic root Magic root Mana4


Magic spoon MAgic spoon Mana3 Skill6 Hit24
Rhythm stick Rhythm stick Mana6 Skill24 Hit72
Rune of winter Rune of winter Mana9 Skill34 Ice98
Sacred discus Sacred discus Mana7 Skill23 Soul70
Sai Sai Mana8 Skill26 Hit80
Scepter of fire Scepter of fire Mana18 Skill74 Hit10-25 Fire35-135
Shiver rune Shiver rune Mana7 Skill24 Ice72
Shuriken Shuriken Mana5 Skill14 Hit28 Energy20
Soul rod Soul rod Mana9 Skill31 Soul90
Soul rune Soul rune Mana5 Skill16 Soul50
Spark stick Spark stick Mana3 Skill9 Energy30
Spirit wand Spirit wand Mana14 Skill54 Hit5 Soul150
Splatterstick Splatterstick Mana12 Skill43 Fire127
Staff of forgetting Staff of forgetting Mana2 Skill8 Soul28
Tempest rod Tempest rod Mana14 Skill44 Energy150 Hit5
Tide evoker Tide evoker Mana13 Skill49 Energy25 Ice120
Voodoo doll Voodoo doll Mana16 Skill57 Soul25 Hit150


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