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Weapon (Warrior)

Arctic spike Artic Spike Skill24
Hit5 Ice50
Axe Axe Skill11 Hit30
Axe of belief Axe of belief Skill64 Hit35 Soul110
Barbarian axe Babarian axe Skill7 Ice22
Battle axe Battle axe Skill23 Hit45
Blessed hammer Blessed hammer Skill20 Soul35 Hit10
Bommelsword Bommelsword Skill22 Fire5-43
Club Club Skill0 Hit9
Club of remorse Club of remorse Skill23 Soul50
Comet sword Comet sword Skill44 Hit20 Energy80
Dragon slayer Dragon slayer Skill35 Ice75
Energy blade Energy blade Skill30 Energy62
Fire sword Fire sword Skill19 Fire40
Flame spear Flame spear Skill6 Hit4 Fire15
Flash hacker Flash hacker Skill10 Hit12 Energy15
Frozarium Frozarium Skill20 Ice36
Fugazor Fugazor Skill42 Fire97
Glowing hammer Glowing hammer Skill3 Hit5 Fire10
Gurumistick Gurhttp Skill20 Soul36
Hallowed sword 1 Hollowed sword Skill38 Hit70 Soul15
Hammer of nivalis Hammer of nivallis Skill51 Ice11-111
Holy lance Holy lance Skill33 Hit8 Soul60
Incensor Incensor Skill12 Fire32
Jumbo slayer Jumbo slayer Skill39 Hit20 Ice80
Katana Katana Skill47 Hit10-100
Lightbender Lightbenda Skill59 Fire30 Energy95 Soul15
Little sword Little sword Skill0 Hit12
Mace Mace Skill9 Hit25
Magma axe Magma axe Skill74 Hit10-35 Fire25-100
Magma mace Magma mace Skill49 Hit25 Fire85
Malmer Malmer Skill79 Hit35-120 Energy5-20 Soul5
Meelee mallet Meelee mallet Skill Hit16
Nunchaku Nunchaku Skill14 Hit2-23 Ice10
Paladins axe Paladin axe Skill27 Hit12 Soul50
Prayer club Prayger club Skill8 Soul22
Sabre Sabre Skill42 Hit85 Fire10
Sanchaku Sanchaku Skill26 Hit58
Shock halberd Shock halberd Skill21 Hit10 Energy38
Short sword Short sword Skill5 Hit16
Silver mace Silver mace Skill13 Hit5 Soul30
Spirit blade Sprit blade Skill54 Hit35 Soul85
Sword Sword Skill15 Hit35
Sword of legend Sword of legend Skill69 Hit20 Ice15-100 Soul20
Syklighter Skylighter Skill15 Energy34
Thunder hammer Thunder hammer Skill25 Energy50
Thunder hook Thunder hook Skill52 Hit5-40 Energy75
Troll cleaver Troll clever Skill29 Hit15 Fire50
Volcanic axe Volcanic axe Skill37 Hit20 Fire65
Voodoo needle Voodoo needle Skill57 Hit120 Soul14
War hammer War hammer Skill17 Hit40


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