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Tutorial hack nokia s60v3.

Benefits of hacking phone:

*You can download all application without signed them.
*you can change your tibia themes or avatar.

Things you need:




4.certificate that is your cert and key

First thing, you need to create an account at Read all the instruction, you see a box, you need to enter your emei, to view your emei, press *#06# enter the 15 digits and submit. After you submit, you will see your status is pending. you need to wait pending to complete. It takes 24 hour or more to make it complete. After you submit just log out and come back tomorrow. Download free signer here. When you install and you receive an error like certificate error change date to 12/6/2009. When you enter http://s60certkey. And you see your status is complete, now you download cert and key and save it in your folder C OR E:/Data/FreeSigner. Now open apps Freesigner press option/setting/self sign cert and self sign key, enter your certificate. Download ZIP file here. After you download it, you will see CertHack_Installer.SIS and CertUpdater.SISX sign CertHack_Installer.sis using freesigner. Open up Freesigner press add task enter CertHack_Installer and press go. Open up file explorer and install CertHack_Installer.signed. After that install CertUpdater.SISX. And you will see a HackIt! apps. Before you hack your phone, better you reboot your phone(restart) now your phone hack :D enjoy!


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