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List of Hacksite (Warning)

Do not enter the following pages! They are hack sites!

* tibiwap.waphall
* tibi4m3.Wapka.Mobi
* Nady-w7.Wapka(link incomplete to protect community)


How to prevent hacking:

1. There is no such thing as free premium. The closest you can get is a prize in a tournament or a competition. You will not get free premium for nothing!

2. Real gamemasters can be identified by the GM- attachment to their name in game. As their name contains a special character that cannot be entered in game, the hyphen "-" in their names prove them to be real GMs, if it is missing, then a normal player is pretending to be a gamemaster and most likely trying to hack you or steal from you. GMs will not ask you for character details (password, PIN, emergency contact) in game. The same applies to Moderators. They have the prefix MO- in their name. If the prefix is not exactly MO-, then you are dealing with an impostor.

3. Never enter your character data (name, password, PIN, emergency contact) anywhere else but to log into the game or to use the Lost Password Form on this website. If you get asked for the PIN, emergency contact or password, then someone is trying to hack you! The only exceptions are listed below. You will see the action, the person you need to contact or where the action takes place and what data is needed. Any variation should make you suspicious. In such cases, email customer support and have them check it for you before you proceed.

A reseller will only need your character name and game world to make you premium.

This is the data needed for the different actions, if you are being asked for more information than stated below, someone is trying to hack you:

* Login to the game (game client): Character name, game world, password
* Change emergency contact (ingame): PIN
* Lost Password Form (Web- and Wapsite): Character name, game world, emergency contact, PIN
* Character recovery (customer support Character name, game world, emergency contact, PIN, consent to fee
* Character recovery of very old and long unused chars (customer support): Character name, game world, 1st password, 1st contact
* New PIN (customer support): character name, game world, emergency contact
* Premium time (resellers, Element 5): Character name, game world
Note: Indosat Subscriptions are set up in game, all the necessary data will be forwarded automatically

What to do if you were hacked:

3. If you get hacked, use the Lost Password Form on the website immediately or write to us at support to get your character back.

4. If the PIN has been compromised, request a new PIN.

5. If other players run risk of getting hacked as well, let us know so we can warn the community.

Please be careful with your character data. It is always better to prevent getting hacked than trying to pick up the pieces after.

Thank you for you attention.


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