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*Web Client 2.04*

 Web Client Version 2.04 published. Check out our latest announcement for details.


*Episode 5 Online*

The fifth  Episode of the TibiaME Tales Season 9 is now online.

Carl, the castle cleaner needs your help in the Ashmor Castle! Also, there are strange noises in the dungeon near Clankie on Ashmor. Curious? Let's go and find it out!


*TibiaME Web Client*

You asked for it. You get it.

We are glad to inform you that the TibiaME Web Client is finally available for you. If you want to play via the Web Client just go to and press the button play between the Download and Premium buttons.




*New Reseller*

Poni Group has joined our official resellers network. The company is based in T.Bungkamprod A.Lumlukka Pathumthanee, Thailand. Check our reseller section for contact details.


*Episode 4 is Online*

The fourth  Episode of the TibiaME Tales Season 9 is now online.
The spiritects on the new island Spiritecta are trying to refurbish Ashmor. Also, a postman is in need of some help. Go and check it out.

In addition, we have fixed a small bug regarding the quest 30 Restless.


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